400th Death Anniversary of Francesco Ferruci (IV centenario Francesco Ferruci).

Description: Series of 5 stamps with 3 subjects.
Date of issue: July 10, 1930. Valid up to October 31, 1931.

Airmail series

Ferruci was a Florentine military leader who defended his native city in the last days of the republic of Florence against Pope Clement VII and Holy Roman emperor Charles V. He was a popular hero, and a his statue still stands in Florence. He suppressed a revolt at Volterra in April 1530, but an illness immobilised him in Pisa. When he finally attempted to relieve embattled Florence, he suffered defeat at Gavinana in August 1530. Wounded, he was captured and murdered by the enemy commander Fabrizio Maramaldo. Florence fell 10 days later.

Arms of Savoy with fasces at the bottom panel, which carries the text "IV centenario Francesco Ferruci"

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