Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion

Name Project
Joakim Antonesen Aurelianus Wall in Rome
Margrethe Sofie Erstad Changes in the cult of the Lares in Augustan Rome
Yngve Gerdts Hellenism
Torben Øvredal Hesse Trade routes in the Middle East in the Roman period
Tomas Eide Jacobsen Religion in Greek city-states
Sotiria Koutsopetrou Women in Greek comedies
Alexander Larsen Relations between Princeps and the Senate
Alex Storm Skoglund Developments outside the Porta Romana in Ostia and the Porta di Ercolano in Pompeii
Morten K. Skiftesvik Trade and economy
Iselin Julie Steinbråten Antiquity in computer games, used in teaching
Martin Ola Flores Strand Textile production and trade in the Roman Empire
Øyvind Takle Antiquity in computer games
Iselin Kristin Thorbjørnsen Loyalty of the Roman soldiers
Jørgen Johan V. Tjønneland The collapse of the Bronze Age world. A climatic perspective
Kristin Marie Underhaug Agora in Athens and Forum in Rome as market places